Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday's Poems

The Cow
By: Robert Louis Steveson

The friendly cow all red and white
I love with all my heart:
She gives me cream with all her might,
To eat with apple-tart
She wanders lowing here and there,
And yet she cannot stray,
All in the pleasant open air,
The pleasant light of day;
And blown by all the winds that pass
And wet with all the showers,
She walks among the meadow grass
And eats the meadow flowers.

Today is one of my favorite holidays. I found it more enjoyable once my son saw the fireworks for the first time. Kids always make things better. =) Happy 4th of July!

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welcome to my world of poetry said...

I loved this poem especially as it was written by Rober Louis Stevenson you see he was a friend of the son of Percy Byschee Shelley who owned a manor just down the road from where I live. Stevenson was a frequent visitor to the manor which is now a medical centre. All roads in this locality are named after poets and Shelley connections.

Have a lovely 4th July