My Poetry

                                          Greatest Gift

When I found out the news
I didn't know what to do                                                              
I was scared and surprised
Would I be ready when it was time
Then I became hopeful indeed
I was blessed with the greatest gift
I could ever receive
You gave me so much joy when you arrived
When I saw your smile for the first time
I could not believe how small you were
How fast a feeling of worry came on
I watched over you day & night
You grew so fast I can barely believe
Your walking, talking, & singing your ABC's
You amaze me everyday
How big & smart you're becoming
I love you my son
You will always be
The best thing that has
Ever happened to me

                                          Never Knew you

It's funny to think
in all the time we shared
I never really knew you
even after all these years
you said you hated drama
yet it always found a way
always in your life
you got caught up in it day after day
you said you don't play games
yet you are the Queen of fake
does anyone really know you
it's hard to believe they do
do you really care for others
I know the answer do you
If your not in the spot light
all around you pay the price
you yell, scream, & shout
like a small child, nice
it has to be about you
you wont give in
you've lied with every breath
you don't even know truth from tale
you lost my respect and friendship that day
when your true colors shown through
for one truth slipped out
disgusted I became
to realize how cruel you are
for whom could be proud
to cause another harm
one by one you loose those close
now your alone in truth it is
for the ones around you
are just a mirage
& will soon fade away
like a memory that once was